Starman Rock - Print

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The Cosmic Concerts are a series of digital portraits depicting my favorite musicians that play key roles in shaping my interstellar artwork. While painting I will listen to countless hours of music for inspiration, so naturally the visual style I have developed over the years relates directly to these artists. The space related songs they have produced have shaped not only my own creative vision but the imagination of entire generations of cosmic dreamers.

David "Starman" Bowie is one of the most prolific space artists who provided the world with some of the greatest age songs such as "Space Oddity", "Life on Mars?", Moonage Daydream", to my personal favorite "Starman". Even SpaceX is constantly showing their love of Bowie in the forum of naming their iconic spaceman design the "Starman" and playing his music alongside the February 2018 launch of the Tesla into orbit. This painting is one of my personal favorites and I hope that it will provide you with the same wonderous feelings that David Bowie was able to instill in others during his lifetime.

Each print is 8" x 10" inches in size (20 x 25.5 cm for my non US friends) and comes in a matted frame with a signature as well as a series proof number from me the original artist!