Welcome to DeLuce Art!

On this site you will discover many cosmically inspired designs by the artist Peter DeLuce. Signed prints, posters, and more can be found in the shop. The art gallery page is frequently updated with all of his latest artwork for anyone and everyone to see! 

One of Peter's strongest held beliefs is that every person should have access to high quality artwork.  To him, this is because the essence of art itself comes from what the content communicates, not what or where the canvas is. 

Each sale from DeLuce Art directly funds Peter's ability to share his artwork online to for people that do not typically visit a fine art gallery or even have a general interest in the arts. Without your support, Peter's mission as an artist would be impossible and those who need art in their lives the most may never see it. Thank you for being here, and please enjoy the art!

Think Outside the Scutoid

Science's newest shape, the scutoid is getting a little love from me. Expect to see this prismatic design featured on a number of products in the near future.